Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Window

Easter 2014 is almost upon us and I think I am finally ready. No, really I'm not. I never am ready for any of the holidays that come and go so fast but I'm as ready as I will be and at least my kitchen window is decorated.

The sun was just coming up in the morning as I turned around from pouring a cup of joe (to get my day going) and I saw the beautiful way the light played on the objects in the window so I had to grab my camera and start snapping away.

You couldn't even begin to know how many different places I went searching for the branches with flowers on them for my hanging Easter egg tree but I finally found what I was looking for so persistence does pay off or at least it did for this.

Here is a close up of the pinwheels I made. I have three of them in the foreground of the window along with my paper rabbit.The pinwheels are from the cutting file Spring Fling from SVG Attic

A good friend was here a few weeks ago and I got out yarn, glue and water and we tried (notice the word TRIED) to make those yarn egg baskets. One fall apart because it wasn't stiff enough but I found out that one made great Easter grass for my paper basket. The other two are stiff enough to use but look more sphere shaped than egged shaped. I was thinking where I was going to put them and then this idea (look at pictures below) came about.

The pastel colors fit right in with my Easter theme and other Easter projects in the window so this proves that sometimes flops are special creations in disguise. 

Stop by tomorrow for one more Easter project and so I can wish you a Happy Easter.


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