Friday, April 27, 2018

Kitchen cuteness, sewing, straight stitches

If you're a beginner seamstress, the best way to work on those straight lines is to spruce up your kitchen. Things as aprons, mugrugs, and napkins work with a straight stitch so you can practice and make something adorable for your kitchen all at the same time. put together 9 different things to sew for your kitchen and this game me the idea of working on straight line sewing. 

I love to make potholders but they were a bugger at first because of the rounded corners and I couldn't even sew a straight straight stitch. I thought of this as I put this post together so I went and found some potholders that work with the square corner.

Radiant Home Studio has a simple square pot holder with a pocket. I like that idea. You get to work with bias tape when making this potholder but it is a square shape so no rounded corners.

If you're still not for sure about using binding, I found this simplest of simple potholders on Renee L Carr blog - NO binding. You can opt in or out for the hook too. 

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