Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Girl Scout Mystery Swap Pins

The Girl Scouts, my daughter included and me, are going camping this coming week and the Girl Scouts are famous for their "swap pins."

Last year I joined Girl Scouts and went on my first camp out. The girls have this fun ritual of making and exchanging pins. This is called a pin swap. The pins can either be about the theme for the campout or something they decide on. You make 12 or more of the pins in the style your troop decides on and then you take them with you and swap with other girls from other troops. It ends up being a lot of fun for all the girls.

This year our camp theme is MYSTERY so I went looking on line to see what I could find and I found a few mystery themed swap pins and decided to make this one. There is a kit you are suppose to be able to buy to make this but I couldn't find it on the site so I had to come up with my own.

Here is what you need.

I drew up and printed out the cards. They are 2 inches by 1.5 inches. I used cardstock and had the girls glue the green to the white so they would be extra strong. The yarn was cut about 5 inches long.

You'll need scissors to cut out the front and backs and glue to glue them together, some type of ink pad  and a small hole puncher if available.

Write your troop number on the back side of the card and use an ink pad to put your fingerprint on the side that says CLUES.

Glue the front and back together and use the small hole punch or something sharp to punch a hole through the upper right hand corner of the side that says CLUES. Push your yarn through like above.
Lay the magnifying glass on top of the fingerprint and start wrapping the yarn back and forth around the smallest part of the handle, about three or four times. 

Pull the yarn taut and tie in a double knot on the back side of the card.

Attach your safety pin through the hole in the top of the magnifying glass and you're done.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Just an Easter Card

I did it again. I made cards to send out for another holiday and then never got around to sending them out. That seems to be the story of my life. I thought I would go ahead and share them with you just the same. I guess sharing them here is like sending them out but without the stamped and addressed envelope and walk to and from the mailbox. Gee, I'm lazy. :)

This card doesn't open up. You write your message on the back. The bottom folds up when you cut it out and it's the grass at the bottom of the card. I wanted a card with my own touch but also easy to put together and still cute. I think this works but that's my humble opinion. 

Have a wonderful Monday! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Lamb

I want to start by wishing everyone a blessed Easter! Amen. Amen. He has risen. Amen.

When I was a child I would see what were called "Lamb cakes" in magazines and I always wanted to make one. A few years back I stumbled across a lamb cake mold at Good Will and I decided that the time so four years later I dug the pan out of my cupboard Easter eve and set to work.

Before I go into my tale, let me enlighten you with some background surrounding this cake. The lamb cake is an eastern european tradition. The lamb is the official symbol of Easter for Poland due to Christ being called the Lamb of God. The lamb cake is a dessert which is called agnuszek or baranek wielkanocny in Polish.

Now on to my tale...I wanted my lamb cake to be as traditional as possible so I headed to You Tube to watch videos. I realized everyone makes it differently: one lady used store bought pound cake mixes, another used just a yellow cake recipe and the other said to just use a pound cake recipe.

I went to my dear friend Betty Crocker and asked her what to use and she had the recipe I needed - a pound cake. I have never made a pound cake before and couldn't believe how much butter and eggs you use in the recipe hence the name "pound cake" right?. I oiled and floured my lamb halves and started pouring. I realized after awhile that not all the batter was going to fit in one half the lamb and you're not suppose to put it in the other side so we got an extra small pound cake.

I figured since I was only using 2/3 of the batter that I should leave my cake in about 50 to 60 minutes instead of the 60 to 80 minutes. I took it out after about 70 minutes and inserted a toothpick in the steam release hole and the toothpick came out clean so I took off the top of the lamp. The body, which is denser, didn't look done so I inserted the toothpick in that part and it wasn't done so back in the oven for another 20 minutes.

I opened the oven after the timer went off and my cake was missing! That's when I realized I had placed the cake back into the wrong oven. I placed the cake back into the right oven and continued to bake it another 20 minutes. I figured this would be the failure part but to my pleasant surprise the cake came out and had finished baking through and through.

I was all proud of myself and so excited that I didn't follow You Tube directions of waiting five minutes before dumping the cake on a cooling rack. Since the cake was still hot, I basically decapitated my lamb.

The cake tastes yummy even if my lamb is in pieces so at least the recipe worked. I'll try it again - next year.

Have a wonderful Easter day.

Jearise :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I belong to the design team of Chalk N Stock and have been on it a few years now. My job, besides making cards and using different chalk mediums on them, is to keep the blog up and running (smoothly). I put smoothly in parentheses because I've been dropping the ball lately. I missed our March post altogether.

I've been dropping the ball on a lot of things not just lately but throughout my whole life. It all comes from the confrontation standpoint. I hate confrontation or waiting or just dealing with something I know is not going to go smoothly. 

I love people who are "in your face" and "get the job" done but alas I am not one of them. I like things to run smoothly and when they don't, I would rather ignore the problem than deal with it. It drives my husband nuts. It drives me nuts but that's who I am.

I have to get change of address and some other stuff done to our house back in Tucson that we are selling. I have called all the companies I need to call once 

The first company I called things seemed to run smoothly until the end when I was informed I needed to put something simple in writing and email it to them. I still need to do the email part. 

The second company I called said because my name wasn't on the bill I couldn't do anything and they refused to tell me anything except that the person whose name was on the bill, my husband, needed to call them by Friday. When I asked why by Friday, I was told repeatedly that the person couldn't tell me. I was told what I needed to do to make things right including my name being put on the bill and that I could type it all up in a letter and let my husband sign it and fax it back to them and all would be well. I did follow through on that because of the "need to get ahold of us by Friday" thing. 

Finally, the third company had me pressing buttons for about 10 minutes trying to get hold of an actual person and then once I made it that far, I was put on hold for over 20 minutes. I finally did their call back option thinking it would be an hour or two before they called back.  I made another phone call upon immediately hanging up with them only to have them immediately call me back and I missed the call. This was a week ago and I guess it's time I tried again but the urge to procrastinate some more is very overwhelming. If I didn't realize the consequences were very important, I probably would let it go another week or two or three.

I find things like Facebook and games on my phone help me procrastinate also because I find myself visiting friends or playing games instead of doing what I am suppose to do. I guess you would call them crutches but as I said before, this is me and this is a big flaw that I need to overcome but find it very hard too. I like wearing rose color glasses and being happy in my own world. Hence the name Lorby's World. (Just some trivia I thought I would throw in.)

Now that you know about my procrastination disease, let me show you my month late card I did for the challenge at Chalk N Stock.

The digital stamp comes from Bugaboo Digital Stamps. I used chalk in for the background and cream chalk for the dirt. The rest of the picture was colored using my alcohol markers.

If you use chalk in your art work, please join our monthly challenge at Chalk N Stock.

Thanks and God bless,

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's the little photos

I was talking with a relative I haven't talked to in years and we were reminiscing about our parents, who have all passed, and the memories we remember. I talked about how my parents would walk the quarter mile to her parent's house to play cards and how her mom always made my dad eggs sunnyside up when he was at their house for breakfast.  I realized its the little things that the memories are made of. 

That's when I started thinking about the photos we take to keep memories to share. We take photos of vacations and birthdays and other special gatherings and occasions but we rarely take photos of the everyday things that make our lives complete. 

Why? Because at the time these events are taking place, we're not thinking of the future or how special these moments will become as we grow older. We don't even think. We may comment on how sweet it is or nice but we don't realize that someday this present will become the past and those everyday simple things, mundane things, we take for granted will have deep, deep meaning for us. Meanings of missing, of loss, or wanting to regain and hold on to what is now gone. 

I've decided to rethink my picture taking and thanks to our wonderful digital world, I can. I need to start taking pictures of the everyday events that my family goes through. The cute, the sweet and even the mundane things we do will one day make memories we will miss. 

So as your children hurry to catch a school bus and there is chaos going on all around you or your hubby is grilling on the weekend like any other weekend grab a camera, snap a picture, and snap a memory.  A memory that doesn't seem to have much meaning today will be so precious and close to your heart as you grow older and look back.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Wearin'

of the green.

I said I was behind on my St. Patrick's day crafts. 

I designed these cards and made them to help celebrate the wearin' of the green. The sad part is that I never sent them to anyone. They are still sitting on my desk right here in front of me. I have a horrible habit of designing and making things and then never going any further with them.

I have realized that designing things is a therapy for me. Designing makes me happy and organizes my thoughts. It also is horrible at taking time away from things I should be doing like cleaning the house or washing the clothes. The chores that I really hate to do but in the end must and will always get done. 

I sometimes have to tell myself I'm not allowed to design or craft until my chores are done. This usually helps but not always. The computer and designing is a strong drug for me at times. 

So that being said, here are my belated St. Patrick's day cards...

I used this design to create the design for the card below. I realized after posting that I had forgotten to rotate the pictures. Oops. I just read recently that it's almost impossible to find a four left clover. I need to look that up for sure. I remember finding lots of them growing up in the country.

We all need our green beer on St. Partick's day or any other day for that matter. I'm not a beer drinker but my family sure likes their beer. We're Polish not Irish but that's okay when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick's day. I think we're all Irish on that day.

Have a happy day and see you back here tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Butterfly Explosion Photo Box

I'm still fighting my cold but life goes on so today I took some quick pictures of my Butterfly Explosion Photo Box I was talking about yesterday. I worked with some of the pictures but most are just as I snapped them since I'm running out of steam and my eyes are crossing. 

Here is the outside of the box and the cover:

I added colored glitter glue to the wings of the butterflies and the three rhinestones came from Mariam's Craft Source.

Inside of box:

 Pink glitter glue and pink rhinestones add and extra touch to a page.

 I designed these pockets so that poems, sayings or journaling can be done and a photo can go on the outside area. There are two of them on the bottom layer.
 I love putting my embossing machine to work to add some textures to areas inside where a photo will go.
 Layering area where a photo will go can also give that little extra pretty look to the inside.
Here is the box open and flat with my original designed butterfly. I put him on coiled jewelry wire to he looks like he's flying.

The picture doesn't do him justice. My daughter came in and saw him and exclaimed how pretty the butterfly and explosion box is and as she puts it, she's not a fan of pink either.

I didn't go into details of the measurements of this box but if you'd like more info on how I made it, please post in the comment section below.

Tomorrow I'll be back with some more St. Patrick's day projects that are late for the posting.