Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Traditions

My mother never complimented me on much when I was young. I was a very scattered brained child but once she told me how I had written a paper about Thanksgiving and she had loved it so much that she had kept it. It was about my reaction upon waking on Thanksgiving morning.  I know that paper is long gone but my memories of my childhood Thanksgiving still float through my mind and that is why Thanksgiving means so much to me still today.

My bedroom was on the third floor of a tri-level house and on Thanksgiving morning I would wake up to the smell of roasting turkey with homemade stuffing. I remember how the buttery crisp smell of the turkey combined with the herbs in the dressing would rise up the stairs and into my bedroom to tickle my nose and coax body awake. 

My mother and father would wake up early to "prep" the bird. They would wash it, clean it out, stuff it with homemade dressing and tie the legs up and pop it in the oven. This was always a joint effort that brought about some arguing on how things should be done but in the end, the bird was perfectly placed in the baking pan and ready to go. This was also a special ritual of love between my parents. At the time I didn't see it but now being married, I understand how cooking together can strengthen a marriage and show love.

From there the smells just got better. My mother would make mashed potatoes with gravy using the drippings from the turkey. Sometimes the gravy was lumpy but the great taste made up for it. I loved that salty sweet gravy poured over creamy buttery mashed potatoes. 

Then there was the string bean casserole which was a simple recipe my mother had found: canned string beans, mushroom soup and onion crisps on top. She took advantage of our microwave for this dish. Microwaves became the big rage during the 70's and my parents had one of the biggest and heaviest one I had ever or have ever seen to this day.

Finally, she had steamed carrots and whatever other side dish she decided to try that year.

Now the dessert was my Aunt Betty's pride and joy and that was her homemade pecan pie. Oh, I just LOVED that pie. I think it is because of her pecan pies that I prefer pies over cake any day. I wish I had her recipe because I haven't found any as good to this day. They were just the prefect sweetness that would melt in your mouth. She would drive all over Detroit to get fresh pecans for those pies. Needless to say, she would bring two and there would be none left when it was time for her to go home. 

I miss those days of family and food. My parents and my aunt are gone now and my cousins and I have gone in different directions in life and have lost touch but the memories of Thanksgiving food, laughs, and love will live on.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Today I am thinking of all the wonderful people I have met through my life that I can call friend. Some have slipped through while others have lingered for awhile and finally those few have stayed around to be with me through all sorts of ups and downs.

I've learned that friends don't have to be someone you see every day or call once a week. A friend is someone that you might not see for years and then cross paths again and the years that you've been apart just melt away. 

I have many friends but I have only a few that are close enough that I would call them sister even though no family blood runs through our veins and those are the ones that I don't talk to as much as I should or see as often as I should but I am still there for them in spirit during good times and bad and they are there for me also. We might not always see eye to eye but our friendship is deeper than that and we can feel comfortable being different with each other. Friendships are built on similarities but these friendships go deeper and last a lifetime and you can't explain why.

As I have gotten older, friendship has taken on a new meaning, not one of sister but as mother. I have a few friends that are young enough to be my daughters and even though I am only a friend, they still turn to me for motherly advice as well as friendship.

Finally, there are those that have become close to my heart and I've never met them in person. We have forged a bond through our crafting and the internet. I talk with them on Facebook almost daily or at least once a week and our casual crafting acquaintance has become a true friendship where we feel comfortable enough to open up and tell things that even our family might not know about us. I know some will say it's because we can hide behind a computer screen that we feel we can bare our soul. I disagree. I feel it is because the computer takes down the boundaries of distance so that we can make friends we may never meet in person but if we did, we would also become close.


Today I am showing another project I made for the teacher's lounge as a decoration and then had a drawing and gave it away. I was in the checkout line at Marshall's when I saw this awesome big mug. The price was right so I just had to grab it. 

Once it was home, I decided I needed to give it something special so I filled it with a fall bouquet of paper mums from SVG Attic. I received lots of compliments on the flowers and you can certainly see why. The flowers were made from the Autumn Speldor Set. I embossed the leaves and added a touch of Stickles glitter glue to the center of each flower.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday on my week of Thanksgiving

I can honestly say I am thankful for everything that has happened in my life. The good and the bad. I feel the bad has made me a stronger person and the good has made me a kinder person. I have learned through my mistakes to love life and ALL people and to greet everyone I meet with a smile. 

This week I want to reflect on Thanksgiving and some memories from my past and hopes and dreams for my future and I hope you will join me. I'll also be showing off some of the things I have been working on for Thanksgiving as well.


Each month at our elementary a great group of parents come together with the help of the PTO to do nice things for the teachers so that they know they are appreciated. A lot of parents, I have found, were teachers themselves before putting their jobs on hold to raise a family, so they personally know the long hours that go into being a teacher. 

I was a teacher myself once and will probably start teaching again once my little ones are older. I know that the job isn't just 9 to 5. Teachers are up early and out the door so that they can get to their classrooms to make sure everything is in order so the day runs smoothly and then they stay late to help tutor or correct papers or get things organized for the next day and it doesn't stop there. They leave, go home to make supper, take care of their own children and then once the children are in bed they are writing lesson plans or correcting more papers or doing a whole lot of extra stuff for the next day, week, month.

With this being said, I decided last month that each month I would make a banner to hang in the teacher's lounge with a holiday theme. Last month was Halloween and this month is Thanksgiving. I showed the Halloween banner on an earlier post and you can click here to see if but the Thanksgiving banner is here today for you to look at.

I had to take individual pictures of each section because it was hanging in the teacher's lounge and I  couldn't get a good whole picture. I apologize for that and next time will take the pictures here at home.

The photos are in the order that the banner was made. I just love the way this banner turned out and it wasn't that hard to make either. All the cutting file sets came from SVG Attic

Maple leaf rosettes are from one of the newer cutting file called Autumn Splendor.
3D pumpkins that graced both ends are from the Fall Celebration Kit. 
Family and Friends caption is from the Thankful Captions set.
The caramel apple and apple pie are from the Apple Picking set.

Four sets = one easy yet beautiful banner.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow with another Thankful creation and story.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tutorial Friday for Miriam's Crafting Supplies

Yesterday I hosted a steam punk themed blog hop and I had a few people comment about a technique I did so I thought I would do the technique for Miriam's Crafting Supplies and Tsunami Rose Digital Paper.

Here is the tag I made and notice the dress form and bumblebee in the background. Those are both part of a stamp technique I do.

I started out by stamping my image on the digital paper from Tsunami Rose Digital Paper. I used the stamp set I used the stamp set Garden Chic from Ecogreen Crafts. I also used a set from this company yesterday for my Steam Punk card I made. I used Color Box Mix'd Media ink in pewter on the stamp. This is a very thick pigmented ink.
I then took my colored chalks and colored over just the stamped designs. I haven't tried cream chalks yet so I don't know how they would work.
That is all there is to this fun and simple technique.

Now I will show you the rest of what I did to make the tag.

I fussy cut the Eiffel Tower from the digital paper.
I took paper flowers and used my Perfect Pearls glitter mist to color them to match the flowers on the paper.
I wanted a rose bud and that was accomplished by taking the outer pedals off the flower and then spritzing it.
Finally I put my tag together...

I finished the tag by adding rhinestones in clear, pink and yellow from Miriam's Crafting Supply.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Steam Punk Blog Hop

Good morning. Today we are having a fast and fun mini blog hop with all things steam punk. We thought we needed to break up all the holiday crafting and do something different so here we are. There are only four of us in the hop so you should be able to make a quick jump of it. I hope you will join us and comment on all the blogs as you go through. These ladies are awesome for taking time out of their holiday crafting to join me!

I'll have a little something for one lucky person who hops through all four blogs and leaves a comment on each one.

Here we goooo....

I decided to do a steam punk card but I added a bunch of different elements to it. 

I started with the background and stamped it on to white textured card stock. I used Color Box Mixed Media ink. This is a very thick ink so I wasn't sure how the details would show up but they were perfect.
I then went back and used grey chalk to color over each stamp. I wondered how it would look but it was perfect. It actually made the stamped areas darker and stand out more without blending them into the background. I love working with chalk!
Finally, I inked the edges and some of the stamped area with Tim Holz Distress Ink in Frayed Burlap.
Next I did my gears. I stamped the images and used embossing powder to give it a raised appearance, color and shine. The white background didn't look right so I decided to try Perfect Peals Glitter Mist and that was the perfect touch.
I then colored my digital stamp which was a steal of a deal at Tuesday Mornings a few weeks back. I used my color pencils to color it and then added some Stickles to the mask and gear on her hat for a pop.

 (I forgot to take a picture before cutting it out.)

I started laying my card and used some metallic paper for the background.

In the end, I knew it needed something else and that's when I grabbed my charms from Miriam's Crafting Supply and added the packet watch and gears. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today and now please hop on to Miriam's Crafing Blog.

 Prize: $10 gift card to Michael's. 

** This prize will only be given if there is five or more responses on all blog hop participants blogs otherwise a gift of the
hostesses' choice will be given in place of the gift card.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thankful for you card

Today I would like to share a card I made for the design team I am on at Cutter's Creek. I am very much in the Thanksgiving mood and have so much to be thankful for that I designed the digital stamp I used on this card.

I hope you liked my card and I thank you for stopping by today.

Products from Cutter's Creek:

6 x 6 paper pad - Trail Mix Collection from BoBunny. It's part of the 6 x6 paper club and you would need to contact Kim for information on ordering.

Tim Holz Distress Ink in shaded lilac

Perfect Pearls Mist in pewter

ATG tape dispenser

Glue Dots 

Cuddle Bug Embossing  machine 

Cuddle Bug embossing folder - Kassie's Brocade

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Canine Cancer Awareness Blog Hop

Welcome to the Canine Cancer Awareness Blog Hop!! We have a lot of talented ladies with some great projects to share with you today with the theme of Dogs...

Did you know that 1 in 4 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer?!

This is the very same cancer that takes many young children's lives also. Humans and dogs suffer from the same cancers and I believe when there is a cure for human cancer there will be a cure for Canine cancer also. So we must all stick together and not only hope for a cure but bring awareness to these horrible cancers!

So there will be blog candy for this hop! You will have to do a few things to be entered in it but they are super easy But the CANDY IS......A $10 gift certificate from Me...and Miriam was super nice to match with another $10 gift certificate so 1 winner will get a total of $20 to spend in Miriam's shop! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

1. Be a follower of all of the blogs in this hop and also leave some love!
2. Head over to  and follower her page
3.Go to Miriam's Facebook Page and let her know you are stopping in from the hop
4. Stop over at Pet Care RX and like their page because each like this month will get the National Canine Cancer Foundation 50cents!!!! Every Penny Counts when it comes to finiding a cure!!
Just stop back at : Amanda's Blog and tell her you have completed each one

Remember Together We are the CURE!!!!

I did an 8 x 8 layout to frame and hang. The paper is paper I've had lying around from a company that no longer exists.

This is my sweet baby Waggles who was a pound puppy. Doesn't she look like the famous pound puppies from the late 80's and early 90's. We rescued her from a kill pound and discovered we have one of the sweetest dogs that ever lived.

She's had a hard life for the most part. She was bread before she was a year old because I got her when she was about a year old and she had already had puppies at some time. This and her breed (American Bulldog) have left her with hip dysplasia and we have been lucky enough to keep the pain levels down by turning her into a couch potato. Doctor's orders.  She also had Valley Fever when we got her. It's a spore that lives in the dirt in desert ares and we were lucky enough to be able to get it under control right away so she doesn't have any health problems or is on meds for it.

Finally, she had a lump show up on her side when she was about 2 years old. I ignored it thinking it was a mole due to her breed since they do get them but it kept getting bigger and finally the children noticed how large it had gotten and asked me to take her to the vet. It turned out to be cancer and she had another small tumor too. Both were removed and she is one healthy dog now. They told me the type of tumors she had are common with her breed and that I need to keep an eye on her for growths in the future.

Waggles loves children including babies, rides in the van and she knows the words ride and van. You don't even need to use them in a sentence and can say them in a monatone voice and she'll get all excited. Her favorite toy is her once stuffed monkey that she has pulled all the stuffing out of. We put it back in and she would pull it back out. It's a deflated monkey now. She loves to chase balls and will bring it back to you but she won't give it to you. It becomes a game of keep away.

We just got a cat and were worried about how she would react. She has excepted him even though she's not too happy about it. I have a funny video of the two interacting that I need to post on my Facebook.

There are so many other great things I could tell you about her but I know all the pups in this hop are as special to their families is my pup is to ours.

Please continue on to Gerda's blog.

Line up includes:

Amanda -
Jearise -
Gerda -
Carla -
Kanan -
Cornelia -
Maria -

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Calendar Girls

Welcome to our November Calendar Girls' Blog Hop. It’s absolutely amazing when you do a Google search the interesting facts you may find. Such a find is special and unique occasions throughout the year!!! These unique holidays are our inspiration. As Neil Sedaka sang in his song "Calendar Girls" - "November, I'll give thanks that you belong to me!!"

Our hop begins today with the lovely and super talented Lynne aka Her Craftiness which may be found at The entire line-up is available just in case you get bogged down with all the holidaze and craziness as you won't want to miss a single calendar event!!!!

Lynne ~
Vicky ~
Jearise ~
Sandy ~
Christine ~
Edwina ~
Lucy ~
Laura -

In case, you get lost along the way with all the craziness of the holidaze, here's the complete line-up to follow along with the streamers, cards, lay-outs and super creativity of the marvelous Calendar Girls:

Aviation History Month ~ Lynne
National Model Railroad Month ~ Lynne
Native American Heritage Month
Peanut Butter Lovers Month ~  Edwina

November, 2013 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

2 Book Lovers Day - Vicky
Deviled Egg Day
Housewife's Day
Sandwich Day
King Tut Day
6 Saxophone Day ~
Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
Dunce Day 
9 Chaos Never Dies Day  - you've got that right
10  Forget-Me-Not Day ~ Edwina
10 USMC Day 
11  Veteran's Day - Jearise
12  Chicken Soup for the Soul Day - Jearise
12  Young Reader's Day  ~ Jearise
13  Sadie Hawkins Day 
13  World Kindness Day ~ Sandy
14  Operating Room Nurse Day 
15  Clean Your Refrigerator Day 
15  America Recycles Day~ Lucy 
16  Button Day ~ Lynne
16  Have a Party With Your Bear Day ~ Christine
17  Electronic Greeting Card Day  - now who do you think created this day!?
17  Homemade Bread Day ~ Lynne
17  Take A Hike Day- Laura
17  World Peace Day ~ Lucy 
18  Occult Day ~
19  Have a Bad Day Day ~ Lynne
20  Absurdity Day -Laura
20  Beautiful Day -Laura
20  Universal Children's Day - Laura
21  Great American Smokeout  - 
21  World Hello Day ~ Lynne
22  Go For a Ride Day ~ Sandy
23  Eat a Cranberry Day 
25  National Parfait Day   
26  Shopping Reminder Day  - Vicky
27  Pins and Needles Day ~ Lynne
28  Red Planet Day 
28  Thanksgiving  -Eat, drink, and be thankful. ~ Sandy
29  Black Friday ~  Christine
29  You're Welcome Day  - Sandy

The Blog Candy being offered this month is a machine-embroidered angel which can be used as a bookmark or an early start to decorate your Christmas Tree!!!! Winner gets to chose the color of her angel from pink, white, ivory, or gold.

I have been busy with lots of projects to go with young readers and Veteran's Day. I'm sorry but I didn't get a project for Chicken Soup for the soul day done. Once you see what I've been up to, I'm sure you'll understand.

Let's start with Veteran's Day. I've wanted to make cards to give out to the Veterans for many years but never seem to have time. This Year I was determined to make time and I made 18 cards to hand out when we go to a war museum for a tour this weekend. I want to make more before the weekend's up to hand out Monday at the Veteran's Day Memorial service. 

Now for Young Readers day which is the 12th I am showcasing bookmarks I made using scraps. I sent these bookmarks to be used to help raise money for one of the food banks in Tucson, AZ. As you can see, I even made some card with matching bookmarks.


Thanks for stopping by today and your next stop along the way is Sandy's Blog . Don't forget to stop back next month on December 14th for the last Calendar Girls Day of the Year . . . .

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Challenge for Miriam's Crafting Supplies

Today I would like to share a tag that I made for the Miriam's Crafting Supplies November challenge. This month we were asked to use the beautiful digital journal New Beginnings from Tsunami Rose and a bronze tone metal flower accent  and half pearls from Miriam's Crafting Supplies.

I don't make to many tags so I was very happy with the way this one came together and it's final look. I would love to see what you create this month and hope you will join us for this newest challenge at Miriam's Crafting Supplies.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Card for Cutter's Creek

Hello all my Cutter's Creek friends. I am getting into the Thanksgiving spirit even though I feel Halloween came and went to fast and I still have lots of Halloween ideas running through my head. I love sending out Thanksgiving cards to friends and family and that is what I would like to show you today.

All the paper is from the 6 x 6 paper pad from Remembrance by Authentique. You can inquire to Kim if you are interested in it. It's beautiful paper and lovely for cards.

I also used:

Stickles in Diamonds for the middle of the flowers and the border in the middle of the card.
Glimmer Mist in graphite metallic for the flowers to tone down the yellow and give them an aged look.
Cuddle Bug embossing folder for the embossed design.
Tim Holz Distress ink in ted dye color for the edges.
AGT glider to hold it all together.

The flowers are from the cutting set Autumn Splendor from SVG Attic.
Thank you for stopping by today and taking a peak at my Thanksgiving card. I really do appreciate it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

DT project for Chalk N Stock

Welcome to this month's challenge over at Chalk N Stock. Our theme is always Anything Goes as long as there is chalk involved.  Our sponsor is Bugaboo Stamps and I have used one of their stamps to complete my card today.

I colored the clocks and background of the digital stamp with chalk and I also used chalk ink to bring out my embossing on the background. The sweet little pocket watch charm is from Miriam's Crafting Supplies.

Now get your chalks out and get to work and link up at Chalk N Stock this month. I can't wait to see your creation.