Friday, October 15, 2010

Witchy Witch Plaque

This is my witch plaque I made. I bought a $1.50 wooden plaque from Michael's and painted with bamboo colored acrylic paint. While the base was still damp, I took a sponge and sponged on a brown acrylic. I used my wonderful Circut Expressions machine and the cartridge "October 31st" to get my witch on broomstick. It was my first time using vinyl and I'm hooked. I cut the letters out on a bright orange sticky back paper from 3M and then I used Martha Stewart black glitter glue which I wiped on the letters so it gives them a glittery shadow.

Proof I painted it myself.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Decorations are Going Up

I'm starting this blog so my crafty friends can see what I'm up to without boring the heck out of my non-crafty friends. I put pictures on Facebook now but I'm sure about 75% (okay maybe 93%) of my friends on there could care less about what I make so here is my personal corner of the world. It's a learning experience.

I love all holidays so Halloween seems to be a good time to start blogging what I'm up to. I have gotten some of my inspirations from others' sites and in the stores and also those wonderful craft books and discount craft supply books.

I decided to only decorate parts of my house this year. The first place I've gone to work is my mantel.

Another blogger did her mantel up so I thought what a wonderful idea. The pictures on the sides, labels on the wine bottles (Yup, that's real wine to be drank.), and spider web came from the Dollar Tree. The beakers were on clearance after Halloween last year at Target. I would only eat the candy now if I were a troll. The container with fake human parks can be found at different stores this year price range from $1 to $2:50. It's suppose to be a Halloween martini glass but turn it upside down and it's great for holding those spare body parts. I don't know where or when I got the ceramic pumpkin.  The Witch's Cook Book I made using scrapbook paper and Martha Stewart glitter markers. I just used a book from my bookshelf and covered it. I made the little paper box and witch plaque.