Tuesday, November 26, 2013



Today I am thinking of all the wonderful people I have met through my life that I can call friend. Some have slipped through while others have lingered for awhile and finally those few have stayed around to be with me through all sorts of ups and downs.

I've learned that friends don't have to be someone you see every day or call once a week. A friend is someone that you might not see for years and then cross paths again and the years that you've been apart just melt away. 

I have many friends but I have only a few that are close enough that I would call them sister even though no family blood runs through our veins and those are the ones that I don't talk to as much as I should or see as often as I should but I am still there for them in spirit during good times and bad and they are there for me also. We might not always see eye to eye but our friendship is deeper than that and we can feel comfortable being different with each other. Friendships are built on similarities but these friendships go deeper and last a lifetime and you can't explain why.

As I have gotten older, friendship has taken on a new meaning, not one of sister but as mother. I have a few friends that are young enough to be my daughters and even though I am only a friend, they still turn to me for motherly advice as well as friendship.

Finally, there are those that have become close to my heart and I've never met them in person. We have forged a bond through our crafting and the internet. I talk with them on Facebook almost daily or at least once a week and our casual crafting acquaintance has become a true friendship where we feel comfortable enough to open up and tell things that even our family might not know about us. I know some will say it's because we can hide behind a computer screen that we feel we can bare our soul. I disagree. I feel it is because the computer takes down the boundaries of distance so that we can make friends we may never meet in person but if we did, we would also become close.


Today I am showing another project I made for the teacher's lounge as a decoration and then had a drawing and gave it away. I was in the checkout line at Marshall's when I saw this awesome big mug. The price was right so I just had to grab it. 

Once it was home, I decided I needed to give it something special so I filled it with a fall bouquet of paper mums from SVG Attic. I received lots of compliments on the flowers and you can certainly see why. The flowers were made from the Autumn Speldor Set. I embossed the leaves and added a touch of Stickles glitter glue to the center of each flower.


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous bouquet. I especially loved the two tone red and yellow flower. The embossing on the leaves is such a special extra touch. You are a wonderful, giving person. Thanks for being my friend. I hope we never lose touch.

  2. Absolutely stunning - you are my dear friend, my sister in crafting, and closer than any family can be. Thank you for all of our creating together. You inspire me.
    Much love, hugs, and friendship


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