Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Egg post 3

I just love the glitter eggs you find in the store and have always wondered how you get the glitter to stay on. I started playing with ideas and found it! I also discovered some other neat tricks on the way. Here are the glitter eggs I made.

Directions for Making:

1.  I used Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers in white or a color close to the glitter I was using and dabbed a section of the egg.

2.  While the egg was wet, I sprinkled on glitter. I tried different types: very glittery, dull glitter and course glitter to give different looks. This is time consuming since you have to do a section at a time and then let it dry but it's so worth it.

*I found by using the paint under the glitter, the paint fills in spots that the glitter might not adhere to so it gives the illusion that there is more glitter on the egg than there probably really is.

3.  Once your egg is totally covered in glitter and dried, take it outside and spray it with a coat of acrylic in either flat or gloss. I tried both and really couldn't see much of a different but it makes it so the glitter does NOT rub off.

4.  Cut ribbon and hot glue it around the egg to make a ribbon hanger or leave it off and use the eggs in a basket.

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