Friday, March 27, 2015

It's the little photos

I was talking with a relative I haven't talked to in years and we were reminiscing about our parents, who have all passed, and the memories we remember. I talked about how my parents would walk the quarter mile to her parent's house to play cards and how her mom always made my dad eggs sunnyside up when he was at their house for breakfast.  I realized its the little things that the memories are made of. 

That's when I started thinking about the photos we take to keep memories to share. We take photos of vacations and birthdays and other special gatherings and occasions but we rarely take photos of the everyday things that make our lives complete. 

Why? Because at the time these events are taking place, we're not thinking of the future or how special these moments will become as we grow older. We don't even think. We may comment on how sweet it is or nice but we don't realize that someday this present will become the past and those everyday simple things, mundane things, we take for granted will have deep, deep meaning for us. Meanings of missing, of loss, or wanting to regain and hold on to what is now gone. 

I've decided to rethink my picture taking and thanks to our wonderful digital world, I can. I need to start taking pictures of the everyday events that my family goes through. The cute, the sweet and even the mundane things we do will one day make memories we will miss. 

So as your children hurry to catch a school bus and there is chaos going on all around you or your hubby is grilling on the weekend like any other weekend grab a camera, snap a picture, and snap a memory.  A memory that doesn't seem to have much meaning today will be so precious and close to your heart as you grow older and look back.

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  1. All I need to do is say AMEN!!!!! Beautiful blog today!
    Much love, hugs, and friendship


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