Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Butterfly Explosion Photo Box

I'm still fighting my cold but life goes on so today I took some quick pictures of my Butterfly Explosion Photo Box I was talking about yesterday. I worked with some of the pictures but most are just as I snapped them since I'm running out of steam and my eyes are crossing. 

Here is the outside of the box and the cover:

I added colored glitter glue to the wings of the butterflies and the three rhinestones came from Mariam's Craft Source.

Inside of box:

 Pink glitter glue and pink rhinestones add and extra touch to a page.

 I designed these pockets so that poems, sayings or journaling can be done and a photo can go on the outside area. There are two of them on the bottom layer.
 I love putting my embossing machine to work to add some textures to areas inside where a photo will go.
 Layering area where a photo will go can also give that little extra pretty look to the inside.
Here is the box open and flat with my original designed butterfly. I put him on coiled jewelry wire to he looks like he's flying.

The picture doesn't do him justice. My daughter came in and saw him and exclaimed how pretty the butterfly and explosion box is and as she puts it, she's not a fan of pink either.

I didn't go into details of the measurements of this box but if you'd like more info on how I made it, please post in the comment section below.

Tomorrow I'll be back with some more St. Patrick's day projects that are late for the posting.

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  1. That is just gorgeous! Love it! Thanks for sharing it!


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