Monday, September 5, 2011

Carriage Cake Gone Bad

I love making cakes and cupcakes and have even taken a cake decorating class and bought all the fancy tips to make myself think that I could get good at this but reality is starting to set in. No matter what cake I make, something always goes wrong - be it the frosting or the cake itself. Take my princess carriage cake for example...

I'm not talking about the monkey face on the cake but that's a problem too my daughter (whom the party was for) pointed out to me. I am talking about the back wheel to the carriage. No I hadn't taken a bite out of it.

I sprayed the pan with one of those flour mixed into the spray sprays but didn't spray the sides of the wheel area in the pan because I didn't think I needed to spray the sides if I got a good coating on the bottom. Guess what? I was wrong. The body of the carriage came out but the wheels stayed behind. The front wheel came out with a slight pull around the edge of the pan while the back wheel fought me to the end and came out in pieces.

I put the jigsaw carriage cake back together as well as can be expected and went at it with frosting hoping to disguise my flaws. Nope didn't work. I ran out of time and had to use store bought frosting that was thin and sort of blobbed as I tried to star it on and then I gave up and just started squeezing.

When I got done, I just stood there staring at it and wondering what to do next. That's when my 12 year old son came up, looked at it and said, "It must have been midnight?" I asked what he was talking about and he said the carriage must be turning back into a pumpkin because it was starting to fall apart and if it wasn't midnight yet, then the carriage must have hit a rock. Thank you son for giving me my excuse.

I think I'll stick to paper crafting or at least until I need another cake for something.

Here's a picture of the cake before my attempt at frosting it.


  1. Hahaha!! I love your son's take on things! Just run with it! And I totally see the monkey face, so if all else fails, tell everyone it's a pink monkey!

    Actually, I think it came out just fine! I bet your daughter loved it!

    Amy E.

  2. I think you did an awesome job!!! It is really hard to fix mistakes with cake and frosting and you did a terrific job!!!

  3. Anonymous is me Kelly Tafoya. It won't let me post with my profile. So now I am anonymous!@!!

  4. Your cake looks wonderful, sometime they don't always come out of the pan correctly but they still taste good.

    Katsews at gmail dot com

  5. If it is edible, that is all that matters. I acually thought it looked pretty yummy.
    Hope the rest of the party was a fun success! :)


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