Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend brought out the jeweler in me

This weekend we headed to Pennsylvania to visit my husband's brother and daughter and to meet some wonderful new people that we are crossing our fingers will become family in the future.

My husband's brother lives way out in the boonies where one of the biggest towns is named Lancaster.  We headed to Lancaster for a late, and I do mean late as in lunch late, breakfast and on the outskirts of Lancaster I found the most wonderful little bead shop called Lancaster Bead Company. They have stones and beads you can't just walk into Michaels or JoAnn's and buy so needless to say I got the jewelry making itch again.

My niece was with us and found some glass pearls and a watch face that she really liked so I said I would make it into a necklace for her to wear to homecoming. I worked on it today and here it is.
I had my daughter wear it so I could get a decent picture. She's 7 and the girl who it is for is 15 so it's long on my daughter.
This was my bead mess while I was being creative today. I even made a necklace for my daughter. She's been bugging to have a necklace like mommy so I let her pick out the beads and this is what we got.

Very American, don't you think? She loves it though and that's all that counts. Those are blue, not black, beads.

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