Friday, August 12, 2011

Eclips - Expression 1

Today I did some comparing with my Eclips and Expression machines. I used cheap thin scrap paper and cut letters at 1/2 inch. I cut out the word "again" in lowercase. The Eclips was able to cut them perfectly with no paper ripping. Even the dot for the "i" turned out. I thought I needed to be fair so I used a very used mat with not a lot of stick to it and still perfect with no rips. I love my Cricut Expressions for all the wonderful cartridges they have but have never been happy with how it cuts letters. They almost always are ripped, no matter what paper I use, unless I set them 1 inch or larger depending on how much detail is in the letters. So the verdict so far is, Cricut wins for their cartridges and selection and is great for cutting things without a lot of small detail and better quality or thicker paper and the Eclips wins for cutting tiny things and detailed things on any type of paper. Not that good of a selection in the cartridges when it comes to the Eclips all the cartridges are $24.99 (on sale) or above so no deal there. *Note: You can find cartridges for the Cricut expression under $20 or around $20 at times but their newest releases are around $40 on up.

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  1. True, the cost for cartridges is varied for PC carts, however, come late fall, you will LEGALLY get to use your eClips with an outside vendor (SCAL)...and that will NEVER EVER EVER happen with Provo Craft. They've cut off their nose to spite their face, so it goes. Now OTHER companies are reaping benefits left and right thanks to this greedy move by PC.

    I don't miss my Cricut whatsoever! I'm really enjoying my Sadie (Silhouette SD) and it's NICE that I don't have to depend on a cartridge to cut what *I* want to cut.


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