Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mistakes Can Be Fixed

Today my son is an official "tween." It seems like he was just born yesterday. The years have gone by so fast. Luckily, he still loves to give and get hugs and hang out with his family. He's a computer nerd like his mommy and daddy and wants carrot cake for his birthday (which is his Grandma's and mom's favorite cake too). Happy birthday James!

I made this card a long time ago and shoved it into a drawer. I was working with some paper punch and ruined the tip of the heart. I ran across it again the other day and thought, "I wonder if I can do something with my Stickles to make it look decent?" Yes, it worked. Now it looks like I added the Stickles to the tip on purpose to give it some glitter. This proves that mistakes can be fixed when it some to paper crafting (or at least sometimes).

The red dots on the heart are just the $1 glitter glue bottles.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Now go, craft and eat carrot cake. : )

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  1. Good thinking although I couldn't see the oops on the card, until you showed the close up. I love Stickles! I'm a new follower, when you get a chance stop by my blog. I have a giveaway and


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