Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Card, New Card

I would like to announce the winner of my "29 again" blog hop give away.  Drum roll please...
Janet from http://ladyluvbug.blogspot.com/  Congratulations Janet and check out her site. She is one crafty person. ; )

When I was out here in Virginia from January through April, a good friend send me a lovely little photo card. I'm back out here in Virginia and I found that card and thought it would be nice to change it and send it back to the person who sent it to me. I cut the front off, sanded it some, added Mod Podge and let it dry, then I rubbed a light reddish brown ink pad on it and rubbed it off. It turned a nice black and white photo into an AGED looking black and white photo.

I also used sandpaper on the edges of the black card stock to given it a worn look as well.


  1. Hi Lorby Love your card it is beautiful I love the vintage look. Thank you for your kindness yesterday on my FB rant. I'm a bit calmer was able to sleep finally. Lastly so nice to be the winner of your hop Thank you! I am excited to create something for my grand daughterwith it.Sent you an email with my address,
    Big Blog Hugs! *Janet*

  2. I found you again and hope will be back on your list.
    you do awesome work.

  3. Love this card... and love how you re-used it! Great idea!! I am sooo glad I followed you... come visit me too!


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