Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bittersweet week - end to Chapter 1

I had tears in my eyes as I dropped off my fifth grader for his end of year field trip. Usually a field trip is a happy occasion for me, but this year it is bittersweet as well as this whole last week in May.

This week instead of being the typical end of year fifth grade week, it will be the last Serene Hills Elementary field trip for me, the last fifth grade graduation and the last week I will be part of the Serene Hills Elementary myself as a parent. My son is in fifth grade. My last baby. My last elementary student forever! I am ready to move on but it also is so hard for me. I will miss elementary and watching my children grown in that chapter of their lives.

I have loved this school since stepping in the doors six years ago. I have met my dearest Lakeway friends there and some of the most awesome teachers ever there. Also, I have been very involved at S.H.E. as home room parent for five out of six years and PTO board member for four years. I started out volunteering in the library my first year and getting to know my way around the school. I would highly recommend doing that to any new parent at a new school.

The whole S.H.E. experience has been wonderful and I am going to miss it, but I am now moving on to the next chapter in my children's lives and my life as we move to middle school. I know these coming years will be just as precious and I will feel the same way once my youngest baby moves on to high school.  I am already on the middle school PTO board but in a different position, trying something new and loving it so far so watch out Hudson Bend Middle School because Jearise is coming to make wonderful memories!

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