Friday, May 19, 2017

A Year of Card Techniques - Watercolors

Welcome to A Year of Card Techniques Blog Hop where each month we feature a different card technique. We’ve assembled a team of card makers who range from new to advanced, so you’ll see a great variety of cards and ideas.
For May, we are venturing into the world of watercolor. There are so many water coloring techniques available to us today; far too many to list here. But actions speak louder than words; so our team has worked with their favorite mediums to bring you lots of examples and loads of inspiration.
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Okay, I watched a bunch of videos we were given as inspiration and I tried may of the techniques a few times only to discover I was not meant to water color. I can do a simple wash and even use more than one color but to go beyond that, nope, not going to happen. With that being said, here is what I came up with...

I found these gems of waters colors in the cheap section of Micheal's for $5. They are glitter water colors. Yes, you heard me right - glitter. They turn any plain piece of water color stock into something beautiful. The problem is I can't get a great picture to show you. :(

Here is a plain water colors that I just washed on the card. There are three different colors but they are so subtle that you can't really see them in the picture.

Here is the finished card.
There was a glitch with this picture and that strip going across the picture shouldn't be there. I used a technique where you drop rubbing alcohol on the wet paint. It looked so much more dramatic when I watched the You Tube video.

I haven't made a card with this yet but wanted to show the colors and the rubbing alcohol technique I tried.

Last but not least. I water colored paper and then used my Big Shot to cut out the flower shapes for the flowers on this card. The background was a lot of fun too. I used a paper clip and drew the design on the paper before coloring over it with the water colors. I love the way the pattern shows up in the background.

There you have it, my attempts at this month's challenge. I had fun doing it and it pushed me outside my comfort zone but isn't that half the fun of crafting?

I look forward to see you all next month! Jearise :)

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  1. Jearise, I'm happy you shared water coloring is not something you really enjoy...that's what this hop is all about...exploring new techniques and new mediums and sharing our results with our hoppers. That said, I applaud your attempts and I think you created some really lovely cards. Thank you for joining us in this hop and I look forward to hopping with you again.

  2. Jearise, I applaude you for sticking with it and not calling it quits! I think your cards are fabulous and you are being too hard on yourself. As Dory always says, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" but in this case it's "just keep watercoloring" ... you might find that it's not so bad. Thanks for hopping with me.

  3. Getting out of our comfort zone is what it's all about! And sometimes we find techniques we love, and sometimes we find techniques that just aren't our style. I will say that using watercolor pieces to cut dies is a great use, and your card is fantastic. Nicely done. Great hopping with you.

  4. Jearise, trying new things is one of the challenges I love in this hop. I am glad you didn't gave up and played around with it. You still made some wonderful cards :-) and using pieces of your watercolors to die-cut and make flowers out of them...great idea. I sometime just wet the paper, dot in colors and let them run. Sometime with good results sometimes not so much. One thing always works, cut them up in squares and make a quilt card :-) Thanks for hopping

  5. Well I think you did a great job at your first attempt. You have the idea down which is farther than I am so just keep trying and thanks for inspiration!

  6. I'm with you - water coloring is not my forte. :). That said, I think you are being too hard on yourself! I especially love your last card!

  7. nice cards, the flowers are great!


  8. Beautiful cards! The last card with the flowers is my favorite. It was great hopping with you again!

  9. I'm SO glad to hear that I'm not the only one who was under-whelmed by the alcohol on watercolor! I really thought it should be more intense or something. Maybe it just needs really dark pigment underneath the alcohol...but I have such a hard time getting anything by light pastels when doing watercolor washes. I'd never heard of the paperclip method you used on your last background. That's really neat - thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Whelp... It looks like it DID turn out fine for you! Love that final card! And the backgrounds? Super! Great hopping with you!

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  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I really like the paper clip idea and it turned out great. I always learn something new.

  14. Pretty card but especially like the last card! Great background...a paper clip! Ingenious!

  15. Kudos for giving it the old college try. But I think you got a winner with the wash technique.


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