Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Blog Hop

Welcome to the Baby Blog Hop hosted by Sylvia. This blog hop is to celebrate babies and the joy they bring to our lives. If you've happened upon my blog, please start back at the beginning otherwise continue on from here.

All the projects I have done for the hop are to help lesson the burden of putting on a GREAT baby shower without breaking the bank. I know everyone is on a budget but that doesn't mean we don't want to give the mother-to-be a great baby shower.

BLOG CANDY: I am working with SVG Attic today and showcasing one of their files and they have been nice enough to sponsor my blog for this hop. At the end of my blog, there is a boy and girl svg file set and you can become eligible to win one of the sets by doing two things: 1.) Become a follower of Lorby's World and SVG Attic Blog 2.) Leave a comment letting me know you have become a follower, which set you would want to win, and an email to contact you.

Now let's put this baby shower together...

First is the baby shower invite: How cute to use this diaper that unfolds to give the guest all the details or if you want something a little more simple try this onsie invite on for size. (pun there)

Decorations can be as elaborate as you wish or just cute and simple. I made this "It's a Boy" banner and this cute little bootie favor. Make enough booties so that each guest has one and then fill it with yummies such as peanuts, and pastel M & M's.
 This can be used as a centerpiece for the gift or food table and if you take the cute little vehicles off or make extras you can use them to decorate a diaper cake.

I make diaper cakes but don't have any videos of mine so I found these directions on line.

You can get helium balloons for pennies on the dollar at the a party store of a dollar each at one of the dollar stores.

Then comes the games. I cut out a smaller version of the diaper invite and turned it into the dirty diaper game. Each guests gets a diaper when they arrive and they are not allowed to look at their diaper until later in the party. Have them open their diapers all at the same time and the one who has the "poop" in their diaper is the winner. I tied a yarn bow on this diaper so that it can be used with a safety pin and pinned to the person's shirt. You can glue the tabs shut on the diaper to make sure no one peaks until it's time or I used Blu Tack for mine.

Here is a site I have used for other game ideas: Baby Shower 101

Once the games are over, open gifts, eat and just enjoy each others' company. 

I used the file Baby Boy from SVG Attic.and here is the girl shower set too: Baby Girl

Thank you for stopping by today and don't forget to pick your favorite set from above. Now it's time to see what baby project Jamie has to share.

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  1. ADORABLE!! You are one talented woman Jearise. This set is so amazing. I wish I was doing a baby shower just to make that mobile.


  2. Wow.... you sure have been busy and I must say very talented. I absolutely love everything your made! Following now and look forward to seeing more of your creations!


  3. Wow, you made so many lovely projects! Great job! I'm a new follower and I'd be honored if you followed me as well! Love Penny

  4. I have been thinking of getting this it!! TFS!!

  5. Wow--thanks for all the great ideas. I became a follower of both blogs and would pick the girl version.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  6. So much beautiful work to share with us!
    Thank you! I love it all...
    Pam (

  7. Oh my goodness these are adorable! Great work. You should enter your invites into the shape card challenge.


  8. WOW, you outdid yourself!! what a great package to decorate! including everything from the diaper card, banner, center piece, all!

  9. OMG!Thanks for sharing your GREAT ideas!!!Great Projects!!!

  10. Hey Jearise, fabulous job on all of your projets. I am a follower of both and I love the girl set!!! So Nice hopping with you!!!


  11. Wow. All of your projects are so stinkin cute. Thanks for sharing.

    vwilson577 at

  12. Oh my gosh! Darling, darling projects!!!!!!!!

  13. wowoowoow thats awesome.. you made so many....

  14. Such adorable projects!! Love that little shoe, great favor holder!! Happy to be a part of this hop with you :0)

  15. Love all the baby decor. I really like the invite. Glad to be on the hop with you.

    creativediva98 at gmail dot com

  16. Fantastic ideas for baby shower decor. Thanks for joining me in the hop.

  17. All your projects are great! Glad to be hopping along with you.

    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com


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