Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SVG attic gift card holders

Aren't these little gift card holders adorable? They are so useful the whole year through and the svg files for them are available at SVG attic. I made mine with Christmas in mind but you can use these for anniversaries or birthdays also. They are cut from the file
While the adorable little snow girl came from the file: 
I cut each box at different settings so one is bigger than the other. The settings for the smaller box which go with the Sizzix, eClips and eSCAL are: outside cut W 5.286 inches and H 9.130 inches; inside cut W 4.325 inches and H 6.727 inches; inside tag W 4.069 and H 7.579 and the bottom, middle and stamp area are W 2.422 and H 1.211 with the rosette being cut at W 3.00 by 11.250. I used only two strips for my rosette but I would break apart the strips and add a third one next time.
Here are move views of the boxes...

 The bigger box not only holds the gift card but also the cardboard backing it is attached to.

The small box just holds the gift card.

Both files are available at SVG attic

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Jearise in Lorby's World.

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