Friday, November 4, 2011

Organizing my Craft room

Before I even start talking of organization, I would like all my followers to know that I will have the drawing for the 13 Days of Halloween this evening. I was busy organizing and didn't get time to go through the posts before today. I also know people were busy doing the trick or treat thing and might not have had time to see all my crafts so this will give you a few more hours to go through stuff before I pull a number out of the database.

If you've been reading my posts on Facebook, you'll know I've been working on re-organizing my craft room. We moved back from Virginia and I already had tons of craft stuff but while I was out there I bought more stuff so when I got back home I had double, triple, quadruple of stuff and I needed to par it down A LOT.

I should have taken pictures before I started cleaning and organizing but didn't and now you only get to look at the after pictures but my friends who have been over to the house a few times will see the difference. You couldn't move around here and now there is lots of open space.

 This is my five tier tall wire rack that is just inside the doorway to the room and off to your right if you're looking forward. Look how much paper I have! Can you say, "Jearise is a hoarder of paper."? That blue cart with wheels and the bag under it off in the corner are my jewelry making stuff.
The white paper holder/drawer thingy is suppose to be made to hold the Cricut cutting machine but the Expression is too wide for it one way and there isn't enough clearance for the mat to slide back and forth without hitting the ledge in the back so I am using the top to keep my mats on and to hold my Gypsy. The arm part is holding the Cricut My Story which I still have yet to use but I got it for free so I'm not complaining.
This is my work area where crafting magic happens. See my Cricut Expression? I have a Sizzix Eclips that will be sitting somewhere there too in the very near future. The long table I nabbed from the garage. My hubby had used it in the past for a desk for his computer stuff but is using other stuff now so I inherited it. We are such computer nerds here.
: )

The wire racks hold stamps and what not.  This is the corner where my printer sits. I use to have a computer over there and the CPU tower is hiding underneath behind the roll out drawers. I was going to get rid of the cupboard but have found it is good for storing stuff I MIGHT want to use in the future. Can you spot the Cuddlebug?
The last set of wire racks hold my stickers and more stamps plus my cake making stuff is on the top. I took a cake decorating class awhile back and loved it but came to the realization that I will never be on Cake Boss.

The stuff in the closest is odds and ends kids craft stuff. I am slowly donating it to the schools in the area. I use to organize a mom's play group and had a habit of buying all sorts of kids craft kits when they were on sale or anything I thought we would use for crafting with the kids. I have a box full of pipe cleaners and felt. How sad is that? *grin*

Well, there is my organized craft room for you. It's not perfect but I am able to find things a lot easier now and it will make my crafting go a lot faster. It's already helping. I'm in the Hello Kitty blog hop tomorrow (Hope you will come and check it out.) and it has made putting my Hello Kitty project together go so much faster. I use to waste so much time looking for things and now I can just jump up and grab them.

Thanks for stopping by today and I look forward to reading your comments today and tomorrow for the Hello Kitty Blog Hop and the I'm Quackers For You Blog Hop. I'm in two tomorrow.

Jearise in Lorby's World wishing you a sun shiny day.


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