Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Tweet Cards

I was working on some cards for friends and wanted to share them with you. The first one was a mistake that turned into a great little card. 

 I used the Cricut Cartridge "3 Birds on Parade," for the adorable little bird with umbrella. I free hand cut the clouds and rain drops. The card was pre-decorated card stock so it came with the colored squares and stars.  I wondered how I would incorporate the stars into the theme and that's when I found this stamp in my collection.

Doesn't that just go perfect with the design on the front of the card? Sometimes you just get lucky.

This next card I did for a dear friend that just had a beautiful baby boy.

Again I used "3 Birds on Parade" for the little baby bird. I cut the letters for the word sweet but I found a letter stamps to make the words tweet, tweet.

I like what I did with the ribbon too. I took a plain green ribbon but I spread Stickles glitter on it and let it dry. It really makes the ribbon sparkle.  If you haven't tried Stickles glitters, you need too. When I first bought them, I thought they were no different than the regular crafting glitter glue but I was wrong. The glitter is much more finer so you get more glitter bang!

Ignore the blue gob in front of each card that looks like chewed gum. It's really blue sticky tact because I couldn't find my card stand.

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