Monday, June 6, 2011

Diaper Cake

I hosted a baby shower for a good friend a few weeks back. The first thing I did was the jungle themed pinata and then I made my first diaper cake. I searched the web for videos on how to make one and found most people make it the same way but add their special little touches at the end.

I followed along with the pack and used size 1 diapers which I rolled and placed around a baby bottle. I filled the baby bottle with some goodies for the mommy to be.

There were three layers of diapers on the bottom, two layers of diapers in the middle and two layers on top. I used three rolled diapers in the middle on the top layer and then put the rest of the diapers around that.

You can see I used a rubber band to hold each section together. I also rolled baby bibs and baby wash clothes around some of the diapers. 

Finally, I found this adorable monkey head on a dowel at the Dollar Tree and decided to paint the little fellow and use him for my cake topper.

I also found monkey themed ribbon at Michaels. I found one roll of ribbon will do a whole cake. By the way, I used double sided tape to stick my ribbon together instead of tying a bow. I then used my Critcut Expression and Cricut cartridge: Paisley to make three little monkeys. Each monkey represented one of the two children my friend has now and the one on the way.

Since I was on a monkey roll, I found another SVG file monkey and had him hanging on the wall to show guests where to put their gifts. I used an SVG file from SVGCuts to make the little treat box he's holding. I then made more of the treat boxes which I filled with goodies for each guest. I made a monkey themed shadow box using various SVG cuts I found on line and my own imagination.

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  1. And I must say it was so stinking cute! Just loved it and am so grateful for all the work you put into it. Love you bunches!


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