Thursday, March 30, 2017


I have to admit that this card was as slow making as a turtle is crossing a road. I decided to design a cutting file turtle for a birthday card for my daughter to give a friend. I ended up with two turtles and she liked the other one better. You can find that turtle card here. Ying Yang Turtle I like the turtle I'm showing off today better but he was a trial and error turtle.

I started off by bringing up pictures of turtles and there are land and sea turtles. I decided a land turtle and began my process. When I got done with the first turtle. his head was rounder and big, his legs looked like stumps with booties on and his shell was very tall. I think he was living in a bi-level shell. My daughter thought he looked ridiculous so I want back to the drawing board. I started by reshaping the feet and making them more square and then making the head smaller and more square too. I was almost a happy camper. I really didn't like the tall shell now. I had made the tall shell on purpose in the beginning in hopes he would look unique and cute but he only looked weird. I started reshaping the shell and that took awhile in itself but in the end I got it all done and this is my final product turned into a card.

Now it's time to do some coloring with chalk and get ready for the newest April Challenge at Chalk N Stock which begins tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by today and see you tomorrow.

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