Monday, April 25, 2016

Crafting Causes Clutter?!.

I don't know if other people have this problem but I sure do. I drift around the web and see such cute things being done that I say outloud to myself, "I want to try that." 

I head out to the sales or with coupons in hand and when I find stuff that I think I will use like the crafty lady did on her awesome tutorial blog, I buy it. I take it home, place it on a shelf and there it sits. I come up with many excuses not to do it such as I don't have the time or it won't look as good as hers and in the end, it just never gets done.

I have vinyl and glass jars, plastic Christmas ornaments, wooden plaques, canvases, and shadow boxes all piled up calling to me daily to either do something with them or get rid of them. I want to get rid of them and make room. I really do, but that little voice inside the back of my head keeps telling me that I will no sooner get rid of them and then I'll need them for whatever reason or project. In reality, it will never happen because I am past that phase of trying that thing but still.

The other serious problem that I have that causes me to hoard craft stuff is my "Oh, I like this!" personality. I have boxes of ribbon and twine and glitter glue and glitter mist and stacks and stacks of paper especially Graphic 45. Why? Because I try something, fall in love with it, use it non-stop and then I find the next great thing to fall in love with. 

A great example is all the twine and ribbon I have stock piled just in case. When I started card making, I used ribbon. I loved ribbon. I wrapped my body in ribbon. Well, I didn't go that far but you get the picture. Then I joined a design team that was into bakers twine and I won a package of bakers twine in an online blog hop and my new passion turned to twine. It was a twine thing but because of it, the ribbon just sat there on the shelf calling out in soft flowing notes asking if I would ever use it again? Now I find that I really don't use either because I discovered glitter glue and glitter mist and my cards have became more simpler. Even the twine is unraveling in sorrow now.

Every day I walk into my craft room, scream in agony at the clutter and walk out. Maybe I'll go through it tomorrow. Today I think I'll start sewing. I saw this awesome video of a lady making an apron. 

Have fun today no matter what your passion.


  1. so true!! pinterest is great because it is just online clutter ;)

    1. I try to stay away from Pinterest as much as possible. :) Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.

  2. Oh, so true!!!! LOL! Have to say, though - I immediately pictured you wrapped in ribbon!

    1. I had the word naked in there for a moment but that was overdoing it a bit. LOL Thanks for stopping by today. I'm trying to get back into blogging again.


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