Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shades of March Green

This month I sent hand made cards to the Huron Care Facility and I asked that they be distributed among the residents that don't get many if any visitors. Here are the cards I made. I try to make them all a little different so the person receiving them feels special.

Thank you for stopping by today and if you're interested in making cards for those who are forgotten such as veterans and the elderly, please contact me by leaving a message here or visit my facebook page at lorby's world of caring and ask to join.

We pick a new place to send our cards each month and you're not committed to send cards every month and if you can only send one card, that's fine too.

Join me tomorrow as I start counting down to Easter with a project a day to show you and how I did it. 

I have joined Miriam's Crafting Supplies monthly challenge: Shades of Green

Cards 5 and 6 use yellow rhinestones from Miraim's Crafting Supplies.

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  1. Love these...sure wish I could have found time to join in!


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