Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday on my week of Thanksgiving

I can honestly say I am thankful for everything that has happened in my life. The good and the bad. I feel the bad has made me a stronger person and the good has made me a kinder person. I have learned through my mistakes to love life and ALL people and to greet everyone I meet with a smile. 

This week I want to reflect on Thanksgiving and some memories from my past and hopes and dreams for my future and I hope you will join me. I'll also be showing off some of the things I have been working on for Thanksgiving as well.


Each month at our elementary a great group of parents come together with the help of the PTO to do nice things for the teachers so that they know they are appreciated. A lot of parents, I have found, were teachers themselves before putting their jobs on hold to raise a family, so they personally know the long hours that go into being a teacher. 

I was a teacher myself once and will probably start teaching again once my little ones are older. I know that the job isn't just 9 to 5. Teachers are up early and out the door so that they can get to their classrooms to make sure everything is in order so the day runs smoothly and then they stay late to help tutor or correct papers or get things organized for the next day and it doesn't stop there. They leave, go home to make supper, take care of their own children and then once the children are in bed they are writing lesson plans or correcting more papers or doing a whole lot of extra stuff for the next day, week, month.

With this being said, I decided last month that each month I would make a banner to hang in the teacher's lounge with a holiday theme. Last month was Halloween and this month is Thanksgiving. I showed the Halloween banner on an earlier post and you can click here to see if but the Thanksgiving banner is here today for you to look at.

I had to take individual pictures of each section because it was hanging in the teacher's lounge and I  couldn't get a good whole picture. I apologize for that and next time will take the pictures here at home.

The photos are in the order that the banner was made. I just love the way this banner turned out and it wasn't that hard to make either. All the cutting file sets came from SVG Attic

Maple leaf rosettes are from one of the newer cutting file called Autumn Splendor.
3D pumpkins that graced both ends are from the Fall Celebration Kit. 
Family and Friends caption is from the Thankful Captions set.
The caramel apple and apple pie are from the Apple Picking set.

Four sets = one easy yet beautiful banner.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow with another Thankful creation and story.


  1. Very sweet post. I love the pumpkins!

  2. I love this and was sew glad to watch this as a work in progress.
    Much love, hugs, and happiness


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