Thursday, March 10, 2011

Valentine's Day is for Lovers and...

anyone who wants to add lots of red, hearts and sparkle to their life. I love this holiday because my favorite color is red and I'm pretty good at cutting hearts out of construction paper. I also like to make origami hearts to give to friends and family. The last two years I've used my wonderful Cricut to help me make Valentine's for my daughter's class and to make Valentines for friends and family. Have a look:

This is the card I made for my husband. I used the Crucit for cutting out the card and heart on front. I'm usually a plain and simple card person but this was a fancy one just because it was going to the most important man in my life.
This was the card I made my daughter this year. It was very simple. I used my Cuddlebug to emboss the hearts on read paper and then used Martha Stewart glitter to add the sparkle. The letters for LOVE I used one of my Cricut cartridges to cut out.
I used my Cricut to make these two cards, one for each son.
I used my Cricut once again for these two cards which were my daughter's Valentines to hand out to her friends. Aren't they the cutest darn things!

Now comes the beyond card part. I bought some Christmas boxes from Oriental Trading Company on clearance. They are suppose to be a green with red dots but look more like light green with pink dots so that's perfect for Valentines and even St. Patrick's Day. I put them to work making fun little Valentine boxes that I filled with treats and sent back to Tucson to friends.

Once I finished these boxes I moved on to my origami hearts just because I like to paper fold. A friend told me that she read somewhere that people who like origami like it because it brings peace and organization to their lives. I really believe that is true. I find with all my craft clutter and chaotic life that grabbing a piece of paper, folding it, creasing it and seeing a unique end result is very satisfying. 
The same friend, who I tried for a few years to get to do origami, has taken it even beyond my levels with these wonderful dress garlands she makes for the different seasons and holidays. She'll spend hours doing them and can you blame her? Aren't they the most adorable things? Wait till you see my St. Patrick's Day one she just sent me.

Here is my table on Valentine's Day. I set it up the night before so all the cards were out and so were the heart shaped treat boxes I made. Each box had it's own saying which matched my children perfectly such as "Text Me" for my oldest son because he is always texting on his cell phone.
I made this mailbox using an SVG file I bought from SVGcuts. I hosted a Valentine's Day party and had this box out for display.

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