Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost 33 years later

This weekend I got to fulfill a dream that I've I had since I can remember. My class took a class trip to Washington D. C.. I don't remember a lot because I was more interested in socializing and boys which is what most 13 year old girls are into. The one thing that did stand out in my mind all these years was the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Hope Diamond. It's not because a diamond that big and blue is a girl's best friend. No, it's because I was totally in love with the way rocks form and different types of rocks and minerals and also being able to say I saw something that I had only seen in books.

While friends of mine dream of cruises, visiting far off lands, or doing something crazy like mountain climbing or sky diving, I have been dreaming of going back to Washington D.C. and visiting the places I visited with my schoolmates back in 8th grade. I knew this time it would have so much more meaning to me and I would retain so much more memories of the history and facts and sights and sounds. Also, to be able to share such a treasure with my family is priceless.

When my darling husband got his job in Virginia, I was jumping for joy for the fact that now I might be able to relive a wonderful memory from my past and I have.

Yesterday we packed up the van and headed to Washington D. C.. It's about an hour from here and there is even traffic going and coming on a Sunday afternoon. We made it, found a decent parking spot, and headed across the National Mall and up the steps of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. I was so overwhelmed once inside that I actually started to cry. It was my dream come true.

This big guy greets visitors as they walk through the front door. I'm sure he was there 30 years ago. 

 The Willendorf Venus Cast and a replica wall with the famous ancient horse paintings of  the Lascaux cave where awesome in the fact that I have studied these in college and watched numerous programs about them. I love history of how man evolved!

This is a Huge Meteor fragment that landed in Arizona around Tucson many years ago. Just think of the big hole this left behind.

I didn't get through everything again but that's okay because we plan on going back. There is so much to see that you could spend at least two full days just in this museum alone.

Anyone that's been there remember the dinosaurs or aquarium?

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