Monday, March 14, 2011

Provocut machine vs. eCraft machine

Tonight while tooling around Facebook, a message popped up about ProvoCraft suing Sure Cuts a Lot and Make the Cut which are two programs that take SVG files and make them usable for cutting with the different ProvoCraft cutting machines. I don't know if it they really are going to do it but it would be a shame if they did. There are a lot and I mean a lot of cartridges out there for the ProvoCraft machines and most of them are cartridges that are keepers but there are a few things that only a crafty person might come up with on their own for their own use and Sure Cuts a Lot and Make the Cut are great for those creative people.

I have over 60 cartridges and love every one but have found that I may want a certain picture that is not on any of my cartridges so what to do? I find a SVG file or make one on my own and then use my Sure Cuts a Lot to cut it out. Yay! I got exactly what I wanted.

I've also found that sometimes I just don't like all the stuff on a cartridge so I can't see paying $20 or more for it, but there may be a cute bunny or nice star that I want so I go looking on the web. I buy it from someone that makes and sells SVG files for $4.00 or less or I find a free one. Yay! I, again, have exactly what I want.

 In either case, I am still investing in cartridges from Provocut but I am using SVG files as supplements or enhancer to my cartridges so I see nothing wrong with investing in both.

Craftwell has come up with a machine called the eCraft that might make ProvoCraft think twice before doing anything rash. This die cut machine costs about the same as the Expression but it doesn't use mats or cartridges. Below is a list of the features.

* 3 ways to feed paper: Manual, Paper Tray and Roller (no more messy cutting mats)
* Handles materials up to 12" wide by ANY length
* Draws and cuts without changing from a blade to a pen
* 2.8" backlit LCD display for easy navigation and image selection
* Works off of easy-to-store SD Image Cards, with hundreds of shapes to choose from
* No computer required, but great design software with additional features included for a PC computer. Sorry, Apple software not available yet. The software will allow users to import SVG image files and access True Type and Open Type Fonts, then establish draw and cut lines, or create your own images within the software using design tools.
* Adjustable pressure settings for kiss-cutting (vinyl) and multi-cutting (thicker materials)
* Clear Cut Indicator lights up when the blade cuts all the way through your material
* Pause button allows you to adjust the pressure setting mid-cut (less mistakes = less paper wasted)
* Rechargeable Battery available for on-the-go use (lasts for hours) (not included, sold separately)

In the Box:
eCraft Personal Electronic Cutter
Fundamentals 1 Image Card
(2) Black pens
(5) Blades
Paper Tray
Roller Attachment
eCraftshop Professional Design Software (download)
USB Cable
 Demo Video

The big question I wanted to find out though, does the eCraft Cutter work with SVGcuts which are pictures you cut out using SCAL or MTC? I've invested a lot of money in these files and would hate to get a new brand of machine that they didn't work with. There would be a lot of money down the toilet. I found You Tube video that says they do. Yay! again.

SVGcuts working with eCraft machine

Please be forewarned that there are issues with this new machine that are hopefully being worked out. The computer screen mat comes up distorted and so it's hard to see the design as it should be but on a bright note Carftwell is working with Sure Cuts a Lot and Making the Cut so that their programs will work with the eCraft machine.

I'm not for sure what I would do or will do if a lawsuit comes about. I know I would be darn mad if I couldn't use my SVG files but would I be mad enough to invest in a new machine? We'll see.

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