Sunday, March 22, 2015

Time to get back at it

Do you ever get in a slump in life? I think we all do but if you never have, please let me know how you have not so I can learn how not to. :)

I have found that as my children get older I get more busy with them and less busy with crafting. I thought I was busy with the children when they were small and I organized a mom's play group. I felt that since I put the activities on the calendar for our group that meant I needed to show up to them or almost all of them and we were a pretty busy group. Now the children are all busy with after school activities so if I want to craft I have to get it in before I need to get ready and pick them up from school and that's where my other excuse for not crafting come ins: Facebook.

I have also found out that Facebook becomes an excuse for not doing what you should be doing. I get lost in my Facebook page reading comments and stories and looking at videos my friends and family post. I just need to turn it off but it's addictive. 

I do make things and sometimes even take pictures but it's the getting them up on my blog that lags and is neglected so I am going to try to be better about it at least until I click on my Facebook tab again. 

I made a few things for St. Patrick's Day and even took pictures but since I was on vacation during St. Patrick's Day, I didn't get the pictures posted. 

Here is one to wish you a belated St. Patrick's Day...

 I made these using a file from SVG Attic called Charmingly Green and my Silhouette. I cut out circles in yellow paper to look like gold and hot glued them around the edges. It made the inside higher so I could add treats on the top as well as the inside of the box. The top of the box comes off. I put mini Reeses peanut butter cups inside and mini Rollos on the top.

Thanks for helping me get on track again with my crafting. I have more projects to share so come back tomorrow to see what I made. Tomorrow's project is something I designed myself for my file cutting machine.


  1. These are just so fun. Love the colours.

  2. Love these! I would love if you would share these either on the SVG Attic FB page or the SVG Attic Fanatics FB group!


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