Friday, July 13, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

A friend told me about these a few years back and I have so much making them now that I make them for school functions all the time. I made this batch for 48 children in kindergarten and first grade this past school year.

Just buy a box or two of regular white cake mix and make it according to directions but you can only use the egg white and not the whole egg so the batter stays white. Then divide up the batter equally. Add colored food paste to each bowl of batter and add enough to make the desired color you want. You must use food paste which you can by at Joann's Fabric and Crafts and Michaels usually. Food coloring doesn't give the desired richness of color and too much can make the batter runny so it doesn't layer right.

Once you've colored the batter just start spooning it into the cupcake holders. The batter will be heavy enough that it won't sink and mix with the batter underneath it.

Once you're done filling your cupcake holders, pop them in the oven for the recommended time and degrees on the box and just wait...

Here is the finished result.
But wait there is  surprise when you take your first bite.
Fun and Yummy!

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  1. Me too...yum!! I've seen these on Pinterest and have been dying to try them! I think after seeing your pics soo, you gave be the push that I needed!!!!


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