Monday, November 7, 2011

Monthly Calendars for Kids Idea

My youngest son brought home a calendar from school and I was going through and marking off the dates and writing monthly information in it when I discovered that the turkey on top was great for holding a pen or pencil and that each day he could cross off the date and his pen or pencil would always be handy.

What's even cuter on this November calendar is that the child's hand was traced and they used that for the turkey's tail feathers.

If you would like to do something like this at home, here is a great site to find printable calendars: Super Teacher Worksheets

You can do this for December buy taking three strips of green construction paper in three descending lengths. Let the child decorate each strip with glitter, paints, markers, etc. and then roll the strips and glue the edges of each strip together. Finally, stack and glue each strip on construction paper from the longest to the shortest and you have your Christmas tree where the bottom roll will hold your pencil or pen.

Go really green, and use green Tempra paint to paint three toilet paper rolls and cut them in varies lengths to make your tree.

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