Friday, May 26, 2017

Drug Abuse Chapter 1

I feel along with my crafting, which is therapeutic, I must write once in awhile about my life. Sometime it will be ups and sometimes downs but all in all, it is my life and my life story.

If you are experiencing any of what I am or have experienced, please reach out to me. It's a comforting feeling to know you are not a lone in your life's steps.

I want to talk about my son and his drug addiction. It has been a hard road to travel. We have watched a shy but sweet kid go from a bright future to hardly getting by and even at times living on the street because of his addiction.

Someone posted on Facebook this click article about the obituary of a young man who was addicted to drugs and died way before his time due to them. The family does a beautiful job of speaking out about his addiction but showing their love for him before, during and now at his death.

If you would like to read the obituary, here is the link:

This was my  post to this article on Facebook.

Children that become drug users are good at hiding it from those they love until it starts to break down their bodies. Once the family knows, it is almost too late to do anything. It becomes a fight for the addicted child and the family that loves them and as harsh as it sounds, sometimes they win and sometimes they lose. 

We need more drug treatment centers out there. We need to reach out to the homeless because a lot of them are on the street due to drug abuse or mental illness. 

America needs to step up and be responsible for our children. As much as I would like to point an accusing finger, I know that will not help. Drugs have been around for thousands of years in various forms and have destroyed many a people. The only way to begin to the end is to educate, not just our children but our parents and communities and know that addiction knows no boundaries of economics or ethnic background.

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