Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm feeling like a princess

I am so excited.  Lynne over at Her Craftiness invited me to be her guest designer today. She and I met not to long ago through our blog hopping fondness and have found we have lots in common and have become fast friends. I'm hoping that some day we'll even get to meet face to face. Wouldn't that be cool!

I threw a Princes Back to School Party for my daughter and some of her friends and wanted to share some of the things I made for the party.
I used my "Once Upon a Princess" Cricut cartridge for all the party needs except the sand art.

First came the invites. I used the invitation and the castle from the cartridge. I thought it would be a nice touch to have the castle stand up when you opened the card so I cut a strip of paper and put four equal creases in the strip. I attached the castle to one section and glued the two other sections to the card. I will have to make a video to show how I did this or I'll be trying to explain into tomorrow's blog. I printed the info for the party out and pasted it in the card. I bought a brayer awhile ago and have found so many crafty uses for it. I used it to roll the paper with the party information onto the card. I have used my hand in the past but you end up with bubbles - not when you use a brayer.

Next came the goodie boxes which are simple but cute boxes with a bow cut out from the cartridge. I did the boxes in purple and the bows in pink with glitter accents.
The foamies are adorable little touches that don't cost a lot of money and can be bought at Michaels, Joann's or even a Dollar Tree.

I discovered a secret for pressing the glued inside of the box together that doesn't require trying to fit your hand inside a small box. 1) the metal ruler shown above or 2) the bone used for creasing cards.

Onto the crowns now...I decided to use patterned paper taken from my Me & My Big Ideas paper book and I was going to decorate it myself when I got the brilliant idea of buying glitter glue and letter the girls go to work. The crowns are way more beautiful than I ever could have done.
I let the girls do sand art. These are a fun activity that I've done before at parties. You can get a bag of around 40 from Oriental Trading.

And finally we ate carriage cake and if you want to know the whole story about that - check out yesterdays blog and be ready to laugh. : )

Happy back to school all you princesses and princes and Queen Mommies and King Daddies.

A BIG BIG thank you to Lynne for letting me be a guest on her awesome site: Her Craftiness

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  1. Jearise:

    These are fantastic and I would love some boy ideas as my grandson will be 3 in November. I so admire your talent!!!!!

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B


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