Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chistmas in July 2011

Don't you love the holidays? We have a little break right now but once Labor Day comes we're on a roll through Easter so I guess it's time to start getting ready.  At least for me, I'm a procrastinator and always meet myself coming and going.

This past week I got a message that one of the sites I like to visit was doing a one hour challenge so I thought, what the heck I can do that. Their theme was Christmas cards and you had to use either twine, buttons and something else that I can't remember. Buttons was the only thing that really stuck in my mind because I don't have 3/4 of my crafting stuff in Virginia but I do have buttons that I just bought.  I started working and got one card done.

I had a ready made card  so I cut a tree shape out of and used Mod Podge on the tree and then sprinkled glitter. I love Mod Podge and need a shout out to my friend Ruthie for introducing it to me. The ziz zaz red felt is actually from a Valentine's box kit from Oriental Trading. I used a stamp for the trees in the background and glued my buttons on. The gift and sled are buttons too and I used Mod Podge and gold glitter on a button for the tree topper.  It took me about a half hour to complete and then I was on to the second card or so I thought...

It was children's bedtime and they picked right during the challenge to have melt downs. I tried to talked them out of their tantrums so I could continue but they won in the end or at least they subconsciously thought.

After I got them to bed, I decided even though I couldn't get a second card made for the challenge I still could a second card made for me. 

 I didn't follow the challenge and did my own thing but I like it.  I took a pre-made card again and this time put Mod Podge around the edges and added glitter. When the Mod Podge and glitter dried and I went back over the glitter one more time with Mod Podge to seal it in. I stamped the snowmen on a white card stock and colored them in with colored pencils. I'm too cheap to pay for Copic markers yet. I added Liquid Pearls for the buttons and there, another Christmas card done in time for Christmas. : )

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